The inspiration for my art comes from exploring relationships between the Eternal, Nature, and what it is to be Human.  My art work attempts to merge these concepts together into illuminated form.  Colors and textures found in nature are an endless language which speaks of the connection between the physical and metaphysical.  The texture of a tree, the sound of water, the attributes of rock and pebble, is a narrative unfolding before our very eyes. Every biome to every niche the world over inscribes its mark on the human soul and in-turn shapes our relationship to the Eternal. Most of my art work begins with this thought in mind.

As an artist, my work is inspired from forms of nature.  I make art intuitively and rely on imagination and feelings to convey the connection of nature and culture.  I'm interested in depth of the personality and how we are connected to the Eternal. Colors and textures found in nature supply me with ideas and inspiration.  The process is emotional, visceral and revealing. Living in the Gorge, traveling in other countries has allowed me to explore nature on an intimate basis and apply it to my work.   I've shown in local galleries and taught high school art for 15 years.